The Truth Behind the North Pond Hermits Legend

Not every town can say that they have living legend in their midst! For years, locals and vacationers alike were unsettled as a mysterious burglar went through their homes in the night. The weirdest part? He never stole anything of large monetary value… Just necessary supplies for survival. This lasted for over 30 years!

Bump in the Night

When residents of North Pond began to hear things go bump in the night, they assumed it was an animal rummaging through their garbage or on their roof… No one expected it to be another person. Then, things started to go missing.

Out of Thin Air

Neighbors started noticing small, invaluable objects going missing. It would usually be books, magazines, old t-shirts, and some food. The locals were stumped. The vacation families would even notice things missing, but nothing was ever broken or even left astray. Objects would just up and disappear…


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