The Hauntings Won’t Stop Following Youtuber Shane Dawson

Is Shane Dawson’s house haunted, or is it him?

If you’re familiar with the Youtuber, you’re probably thinking that it’s him at this point.

With 22 million subscribers under his belt, most people know the name by now. If you’re not familiar, a big part of his channel used to be conspiracy theories and paranormal investigations.

One thing he always casually mentioned was how is Studio City home was haunted, presumably by a man who died there a year prior to Dawson moving in.

Dawson would notice that his kitchen cabinets would open overnight, and a magnet that he had would sometimes be flipped upside down.

Dawson and his now-fiance, Ryland Adams, would also hear footsteps and other crickety noises while they were trying to sleep. Their cat would even become upset at random times… At seemingly nothing.

Now, they’ve moved to a huge mansion up in the California hills. Shane, busy with his Youtube series, has been quiet but kept his fans updated on yet another bizarre occurrence in his new home.

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