The Hello Kitty Murder

In 1999, three men were charged with the murder of 23-year-old nightclub hostess Fan Man-yee in Hong Kong. She was kidnapped and tortured for a month before finally succumbing to her injuries. 

The men imprisoned her in an apartment and beat her every day. There was never a clear motive available for the crimes. 

After Fan Man-yee died, they decapitated her and placed her skull in a Helly Kitty mermaid doll. The rest of her body was discarded in unknown locations. 

One of the captors had a 13-year-old "girlfriend" who remained anonymous. She took the doll into the police department and told them what happened. She led them to the scene which was a gruesome sight. 

Since Fan Man-yee's body was nowhere to be found and a proper autopsy could not be done, the men were convicted of manslaughter. They were unable to tell if she was murdered or died some other way, so legally, manslaughter was the only charge that they could catch. 

Justice Peter Nguyen, who sentenced the trio to life in prison, stated, "Never in Hong Kong in recent years has a court heard of such cruelty, depravity, callousness, brutality, violence and viciousness."

All their men underwent psychiatric reports. The doctors assessed the men and said that they were completely remorseless in their actions. 

The murder rocked Hong Kong so much so that the apartment building where it took place was demolished. A hotel was put in its spot. 

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