The Horror Movies That You Should Be Watching This Week

The leaves are starting to get crispy, the temperature is dropping, Halloween costumes are starting to get planned out, and scary movies dominate the home tv. It’s October BABY.

1) The Ritual

Sunday night, this should be the movie that will prepare you for the rest of the week. The Ritual is ambient and beautiful, just as it is grimy and unsettling. A bunch of dudes get lost in the woods, but they’re not really lost in the end.

2) Cam

Cam is a strange and surreal representation of what life could possibly be via broadcast. The director and writer of this movie embellished their own experiences while they were a sex worker to create this bizarre work.

3) Hush

This is one of the creepiest movies on the market, and if you don’t believe me, watch it for yourself. If you don’t think that being deaf and mute trapped in a cabin with a killer lurking around the outside is scary, you need to get your head checked.

4) Green Room

The ages-old battle of punks vs nazis finally comes to a head in Green Room. If you dig 90s era punk, creepy claustrophobic tension, and righteous punks killing nazis, then this is the perfect Wednesday addition for you.

5) Scream 2

Although it doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor, Scream 2 holds the same campy, fresh, and cool vibe that was present in the first movie. Sit down with some friends, pop some corn, and relax.

6) Tucker and Dale vs Evil

This movie is hilarious and fun, perfect for a Friday night joyride with some homies. Take it easy tonight! No need to go too nuts with the spooks, save that for tomorrow night, when your inevitable hangover will prevent you from going out, so you decide to bring the fun home with you.

7) The Autopsy of Jane Doe

If you like (or hate) body horror, occult stuff, jump scares, tension, claustrophobic stuff, ghosts, gore, and anything in between, this move is the Saturday night treat. Buckle your seatbelts, the Autopsy of Jane doe is a terrifying and wild ride from start to finish, and you might not be able to sleep, good thing tomorrow is Sunday and you’ll have time to recuperate.

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