The Obvious Signs of a Haunted House

These are some of the most common aspects of a paranormal haunting! Do you think your house is haunted?

Feeling Not Alone

If you ever feel like someone is watching you, it may be true. We’ve all gotten that paranoid feeling of someone else being in the room alone, and its not always paranormal. If you have any of these other signs, these feelings might point to a haunting…

Animals Acting Up

It’s been suspected that animals can see spirits. The running joke of cats staring at nothing is usually rooted in hauntings. Many people who live in haunted houses report their dogs barking at nothing and their cats chasing nothing.

Bumps in the night

Hearing knocks, disembodied footsteps, or even voices is pretty usual for a haunting. In fact, paranormal investigators like to use knocks or bumps to communicate with spirits. If you’re hearing a lot of bumps in the night, it could be a spirit trying to communicate!

Photo Evidence

Orbs are probably the most common spiritual phenomenon to come up in photos. It can be hard to differentiate between orbs, dust, or bugs, but a lot of the times, it can be strikingly obvious that a spirit is in the room! Sometimes, the orb can even be a specific color…

Cold Spots

In order to manifest, spirits tend to use the energy around them. Sometimes, that can result in cold spots in the house. Have you felt random cold spots? It could be a spirit!


If you think you’re seeing shadows in the corner of your eye, you’re not crazy! A lot of people have seen creepy figures, only to look and see nothing there!

Doors and cabinets opening

This could be more of a poltergeist haunting, but still! If doors are open and you remember closing them, it could be something else trying to get your attention. You could also be experiencing misplaces objects, as well!

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