The Traffic Jam Frozen in Time

Although it looks like the apocalypse happened deep in these Belgian woods, these rusted out cars were placed there on purpose. The Chatillion Car Junkyard in Belgium began growing after WWII and ended up creating an eternal traffic jam. 

Some people say that the cars were left there by WWII soldiers to keep their cars safe. Tragically, the ones left behind were of the men who died in the war and couldn't return to grab them. The legend paints an eerie story of life after the war...

The forest slowly began overtaking the cars and growing around it, adding to the creepiness of the entire area! There are over 500 cars abandoned at the site...

People who live closeby to the graveyard say that it was simply a dump for old cars after WWII and were never picked up. Either way, a lot of stories can emerge from these images. It looks like a scene straight out of "The Walking Dead" with all of the rusty cars and weeds! 

Weirdly enough, there were four massive car graveyards in the area. Over time, locals stole parts and scrap metal parts to sell. Eventually, the cars posed an environmental hazard and were taken away back in 2010. Too bad, since a lot of cool movies could have been filmed here! 

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