The True Story Behind the Men Who Stare At Goats

The United States has yet to acknowledge the validity of this program, but it has been proven to still exist.

During the Vietnam war, world militaries were going through a transitional phase, searching for more powerful and consistent weapons than were available during the second world war. While Russia was working on generating the Chain/Gatling rifle, which was supposed to be a mounted rifle connected to a battleship that could fire a super-powerful electromagnetic pulse hundreds of miles.

The American government countered that by looking within their soldiers, specifically, into their brains. The US military selected four specifically sourced soldiers to join their psychedelic research team. These individuals were isolated for an enormously long time before their tests even started to “center” their minds.

Once the men were released from isolation, they were introduced to a magnetized chamber, in which they were encouraged to attempt to telepathically communicate with one another. None of the men confirmed that they were telepathically communicating, so after a series of tests, they were introduced to a small amount of LSD.

This ALSO didn’t promote telepathy in the soldiers, so they were given significantly more of the hallucinogenic drug.

The men then began claiming that they transcended. They began claiming that they were telepathically able, and they were all isolated into their own personal magnetized chambers and given similar doses of LSD for long periods of time.

These soldiers were then, famously, asked to telepathically communicate with goats. At this point, it’s safe to assume that these soldiers were no longer particularly connected to their tests, so they did in fact claim that they communicated with goats.

Although it has not been proven to be a fluke, there were a significant amount of instances where the goats responded to the perceived telepathic messages.

Conspiracy theorists still suspect that this program still exists, and despite personal testimonies from the former soldiers involved, the government has yet to acknowledge that this program exists.

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