The Unsolved Quadruple Homicide of Keddie Cabin

The Sharp family was brutally murdered in their family cabin almost 40 years ago. To this day, it remains a cold case. The case was notoriously handled poorly and a ton of key evidence was missed… Much of the evidence now known came up 20-30 years later, after it was way too late.

Find out why American’s are still upset about the Keddie Cabin murders.

The Sharps

In the fall of 1980, Glenna Susan Sharp took her 15-year-old son John, 14-year-old daughter Sheila, 12-year-old daughter Tina, 10-year-old Rick and 5-year-old Greg resided in the Keddie Resort after separating from their father, John Sharp.

Just a Normal Day

A few months went by without incident. The family was enjoying their stay up in Keddie and adjusting to their new life. On April 11th, 1981, Sue and Sheila drove from Keddie to Quincy, California to pick up John and his friend, Dana…


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