These Are All the Things that Won't Cure COVID-19

Fortunately, some reputable news sources have already reported on the insane misconceptions surrounding this horrendous disease that's sweeping the entire world. However, these blanket statements haven't seemed to hit home for a lot of non-believers out there. Hopefully, you will find this comprehensive list of ways that you CANNOT cure COVID-19 enlightening. 

For starters, it is very important to acknowledge that COVID-19 (aka. the Coronavirus) is actually incurable. What? But, that doesn't make any sense! Yes, it does! You're just misinformed. 

All illnesses are curable, 99% of the people who had COVID-19 are in remission. This virus is TECHNICALLY incurable through vaccination and EXTERNAL treatment at the moment. People forget that the single most powerful medical tool that people use is their own immune system. The reason that people who formerly had the virus are in remission is that their bodies fought the illness and won.

Washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, self quarantining when you are healthy (have no pre-existing conditions), and keeping up on the news are the best ways to survive this pandemic. These other ideas, however, are not the best way to go about dealing with COVID-19...

Drinking alcohol, while enjoyable, is not an appropriate way to avoid or treat the coronavirus. Alcohol actually compromises your immune system, contrary to the countless news stories about individuals claiming that they beat COVID-19 by drinking whiskey and praying. 

Along the same vane as drinking alcohol, doing cocaine will not cure the coronavirus. The French government actually had to institute a statement earlier this week detailing that those who believe that doing cocaine will cure (or prevent, the reasoning wasn't clear) COVID-19 are wrong. This is a general public health risk, please use your big human brain to figure this obvious stuff out. 

Finally, no amount of "blessed crystals" will save you from any illness, let alone COVID-19. But, you knew that already. 

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