This ‘Haunted Food Tour’ Is Now Your Plan For Halloween This Year

Philadelphia is known for being the oldest and most haunted city in the northeast, but few know that it’s also one of the best food cities in America.

Starting in October, Chew Philadephia is going to be hosting ticketed “Haunted Food Tours.”

This is going to combine the very famous “Haunted Walk” with a specially curated food tour to complement the scenic walk. Although we do not know which restaurants will be involved, we do know that the menus will be chock full of pumpkin, spice, apples, and pretty much every other autumnal flavor you can dream up.

This tour will be geared towards Philly natives and newcomers alike, promising a new and unseen assortment of haunted attractions to visit along the way. Prepare to get spooked, because this tour has a history of surprising its guests with some “unexpected company.”

This whole event ends with a final stroll in Manayunk Canal’s famous trail along the water. This is the premier autumnal destination for anyone visiting Philly, and those that already live here. This specific tour adds a personal and unique element to the traditional walk through the canal, with hidden tips and tricks that just might surprise the well-seasoned tourist.

The tour guides on this walk will be donned in costume, and they will remain in character for the entire evening. Your guide is more than just a tour guide, they will likely become your friend by the end of the experience.

As a gift at the end of the tour, each participant will receive two full-color magazines from Chew, one documenting the best places to eat in the fall, the other describing Chew’s choice restaurants of 2019 into 2020.

The goodie bag will also come with a pamphlet documenting the most haunted historical places in Philly available to be visited.

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