This Vintage Collector Finds The Creepiest Objects

Tiesha King is the owner of Thrift Witch. She collects vintage objects that feel a bit off. She loves weird toys and antiques that have a creepy little vibe. 

She collects Ouija boards, antique dolls, ventriloquism dolls, and even skulls! 

Any of these things are enough to freak the average person out, but King finds the charm in them. 

King loves being surrounded by the macabre. She can see the story behind each and every object and feel the meaning of it. Even if they are creepy, can still find the charm!

Some of her objects are so old and brittle, "they could come to life in my nightmares," she says. It seems like her home would be the perfect spot for the next horror flick...

Her favorite collectibles are vintage Halloween decorations. She has jack-o-lanterns, cats, moons, and witches. You can always tell a lot about someone whose favorite holiday is Halloween! 

During the quarantine, King said that she cleaned out her garage which housed tons of creepy vintage antiques. She pretended as if she was going to an "estate sale" and ended up finding some love for her old things! 

That's definitely a different way of going about spring cleaning, but whatever!

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