Tumblr User Finds Bizarre Anomalies In Old Family Photos

Tumblr user scary-cas was going through old photos of the family house when they found something bizarre… Two out of the 40 photos of the home had bizarre light anomalies in them. They were going through the photos with their brother for fun, but then… Things got weird. They go into detail about the house that could serve some answers: The home was built in 1897 and was originally two separate buildings, but very little info exists prior to the 70s, which is when the two structures were combined into one family home. What they do know is that it was abandoned at some point, but they’re not sure when.

What they do remember is crazy things happening int he house. “Footsteps, disappearing items, strange smells (specifically cigarette smoke, no one has smoked in this house for over 12 years),” they write. They even go into detail about a bizarre experience they had, “One time, me and my brother heard scratching coming from the other side of a door (at the time we only had one cat and he was outside).” The scariest thing to happen was when they caught a woman screaming on an old recording 10 years ago. They were recording themselves playing, and when they listened back to it… They heard the scream.

“The other scary thing is that multiple people have woken up to find unexplained scratches on their body. My sister in law also believes that the ‘energy’ in the house is heavy and dark, and it’s true that this house does feel evil.” The person believes that the land itself is haunted and not the home. Still, these mists are unexplainable…  

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