Viral Video Shows Creepy Dobby-Looking Creature In The Dead Of Night

On a pleasant Sunday morning, Vivian Gomez woke up to an alert that her security camera caught something. Assuming it was probably a stray cat or dog, she watched the footage with little worry. What she saw, understandably, gave her the creeps.

The creepy little creature was seen at her doorstep and walking down her driveway. She was naturally confused and a little worried.

No one can say for sure what this is. Of course, it looks like Dobby and that’s mainly why this got on the news. Others say it’s a hoax and probably just a puppet. Others think it’s some weirdo naked kid walking around with a pair of boxer briefs on his head…

Until more information comes to light, we can’t make too many judgements on it!

Fake or not, it’s still undeniably creepy. Full video below.

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