Watch: A Bird Freezes in Mid-Air

A bizarre video has surfaced from a small neighborhood in Colombia. On July 9, Twitter user Hechizero posted a video that shows a white bird remaining motionless in mid-air... It was as if the bird was "paused" in time. 

In the video, passersby have stopped in the middle of the street to observe the anomaly. 

Many people have been looking for explanations of the phenomenon. Was it caught in wires? Was it having a seizure? Is there something that the video doesn't show?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be getting answers to this freaky glitch in the matrix. Other instances have happened like this one, such as a plane "frozen" in the sky. 

As the description in that video says, this is an instance of "motion parallax" meaning that it's just an optical illusion. This happens a lot with planes and people moving in cars. 

Obviously, this doesn't explain the bird, but it's still a factor!

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