When A Putrid Smelling Shipping Container Turned Up, They Found Something Sickening Inside

Working with shipping containers from all around the world brings up some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, illegal smugglers find their way in these legal ports and can easily ship things around. Some of these can even cause a threat to a nation’s national security.

In this case, guards ended up unearthing a horrific crime that was literally happening right under their noses…

Shenzhen, China

When a bizarre cargo ship docked in Shenzhen overnight, customs officials were immediately confused. Unfortunately, it went unnoticed for so long that it became a threat to China’s national security…

Yantian Port

The Yantian Port is one of the busiest container ports in China. The more it got popular, the long it stayed open. Eventually, the country decided to keep it open 24/7, but that’s brought on some bizarre experiences…


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