Where To Find The Most Information on Historical Wyoming

For those who are native to Wyoming, you'll know that dinosaurs once roamed the planes, and flamingos were a common sight. The state has a unique past, from prehistoric fantasies to pioneers roaming the planes. You can easily revisit all of these moments in time thanks to Wyoming's historical society.

You can dig your own fossils at American Fossil, a quarry near Kemmerer. It's one of the few places you can dig up real fossils and keep them. There are fossilized fish and other small reptiles waiting to be found. You can find more info at fishdig.com.

The Piedmont Charcoal Kilns State Historic Site in Uinta allows visitors a chance to learn how to supply coal for a growing iron smelting industry. The kilns are 30 feet tall and 30 feet wide. They look like beehives in the prairie. There is so much valuable history to learn about 1890s coal-making. You can learn more at wyoparks.wyo.gov.

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