Why Are Vintage Halloween Costumes So Terrifying?

Apparently, the folks of the past took Halloween very seriously. We rarely see “cute cats” or “firemen” costumes from back in the day. Instead, they just went to the other extreme of horrifying masks and otherworldly creatures.

Even kids costumes were scary. Looks like this kid was going for some type of… Ghoul? Demon? Honestly, it’s very unclear…

This couple decided that making giant heads that look like an Italian Greyhound would be the best move for this Halloween. It worked, it was definitely creepy.

These are the Michelin Man’s devilish minions. They somehow managed to take a pretty innocent mascot and make it scary.

This would have been decent if it wasn’t for the blindfolds. Like, why? Are they superheroes? Weird nuns? Ghosts? It’s so unclear and unsettling..

As a society, we need to work harder to make these creepy, weird costumes come back in action. Halloween has been too cute, and our ancestors wouldn’t be happy!

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