Woman Thinks She’s Passing Horrific Kidney Stones but Her Pain Is Actually Much More Serious and Rare

Most parents long for the time that their children are independent. Many would call this the golden years! The kids are all grown up, in or just out of college, and can take care of themselves.

Beth and Scott were just getting started in their post-kid life. Since they had more time to themselves, they were able to focus on themselves as well. Before they knew it, their life changed dramatically when Beth began to feel ill one night…

Living Life Normally

Beth Clay was a healthy 45-year-old entering the prime of her life. As someone who had gone through motherhood and raised two successful kids, she finally wanted to take some time for her own personal growth.

Beth and Scott

Scott, her 51-year-old husband, was in the same boat. They weren’t quite reitred yet, but they were loving spending some time together and hoping for some grandkids!


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