Writing Appears on Woman's Wall

Redditor u/hzli posted to the platform about a worrying experience. They had just moved into a makeshift apartment, writing that "it is essentially a garage that got turned into an apartment with its own kitchen, bathroom, and ac unit."

Behind their bed were the letters "I HAV" and nothing else. Underneath, new scratches appeared that seem to be similar to the first one. Obviously, the Redditor is freaked out. Is it a person? A ghost? Their landlord being creepy?

The general consensus was for the poster to get a camera to see what was going on. It could very well be a person as their apartment isn't your "traditional" type of apartment. One commenter brought up something even scarier...

"Apparently when stuff like this happens, the first thing you're supposed to check for is carbon monoxide...Something like carbon monoxide depletes oxygen so if you're stuck in a room with a leak of it you'll pass out and die because it's undetectable by smell. But if it's not enough to kill you, it does mind-altering things and you experience weird things in your home. In one historic case, a guy found weird notes around his home, written in a strange handwriting. It turned out that he had a carbon monoxide problem and he had written the notes himself and had no memory of it."


Obviously, the original poster is freaked out. The post is only a week old, so nothing has come of it yet. Hopefully, they get answers and they are safe...

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