You Can Buy a Bedazzled Soda Can For $70

For those soda drinkers who want a more luxurious pop experience, look no further. The case has been cracked and the solution is one of these glamorous bedazzled sodas. The sodas are covered by hand by an artist based in Indiana, USA.  Each can is made with gems matching the color and design of the original, but just way prettier. 

Sally Reithel, the can crafter, makes the cans herself for purchase at her online Etsy shop called 'Sticks and Stones Revue.' She doesn't mind a little hard work though. "It is a very time-consuming process that I love to do and would like to share with others," says the shop owner.  Hard work pays off those though, as each soda can will be sold for around $70. Her most popular are Coke, Pepsi, Tab, and Dr. Pepper. Don't worry though, she takes requests!

Though soda cans are a fan favorite, she also bedazzles birds, jackets, vintage items, and more. Additionally, outside of bedazzling, she likes to craft some folded book art. Check out her stuff on at Sticks and Stones Revue, Bedazzled Birds, Denim Bling, and Folded Book Art. her work has received over 1,094 favorites on the site, so get yours ASAP!

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.