Young Couple Accidentally Buys 120-Year-Old Decrepit Mansion and Has To Live With Their Mistake

When a young couple accidentally buys a 120-year-old home, they do their best to make good out of a pretty horrible situation. They didn't realize how in over their heads they were... Especially with the secrets that they uncovered!

Loving Couple

Claire Segeren and Cal Hunter had been dating throughout most of their young adult life. Claire was a med-school student and Cal had been working a regular job post-university. Claire decided to take a year-long break from her schooling in order to focus more on setting up her life with Cal.

Taking The Plunge

Once Claire was settled, they started talking about what life step they could take next as a couple. They had been living together in England for a while in a small apartment. They felt like they were growing out of the apartment and knew that they wanted to move…


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